Full Papers


Chrisanthi Avgerou
Discourses on Innovation and Development in Information Systems in Developing Countries' Research
Ayesha Abdullah, Brian Nicholson
The Role Of The City State In Developing An Ict Industry: The Case Of Dubai

Antonio Diaz Andrade, Cathy Urquhuart
Mavericks, Mavens And Social Connectors: Computer-Mediated Information Seeking Behaviour In Rural Societies

Ralla Al Azali, Mohammed Quaddus, Jun Xu
Influencing Factors and the Role of ICT on Corporate Sustainability in Bahrain’s Service Industry: A Field Study Approach

Mona Farid Badran, Adla Ragab, Ahmed El Sherbini
What determines broadband uptake in emerging countries? An Empirical Study.

Roberta Bernardi
IT innovation in a health Information System in Kenya: Implications for a sustainable Open-Source Software model in developing countries

Princely Ifinedo
The Relationships Between Economic, Cultural Factors, And The Network Readiness Of African Nations: A Ten-Country Data Analysis

Florence Nameere Kivunike, Love Ekenberg, Mats Danielson, F. F. Tusubira
Investigating Perception Of The Role Of Ict Towards The Quality Of Life Of People In Rural Communities In Uganda

Edem K. Kossi, Johan Ivar Saebo, Ola H. Titlestad, Romain R. Tohour, Jørn Braa
Comparing Strategies to Integrate Health Information Systems Following a Data Warehouse Approach in Four Countries

Selamawit Molla Mekonnen, Sundeep Sahay, John Lewis
The role of Social Capital in the Integration of Health Information Systems

Nigussie Tadesse Mengesha
Translation as Shaped by Installed Base and Actors' Interests

Gianluca Miscione, Knut Staring, Yola Georgiadou
A Federative View For Information Infrastructures In Developing Contexts

Jussi Nissilä, Jussi Puhakainen, Inkeri Tanhua
Coopworks – A Case Study On An Information System Meant To Enhance The Capacities Of Agricultural Co-Operatives

Raoni Guerra Lucas Rajao, Niall Hayes
Contextualizing ICT for sustainable development: an institutional account of the Amazon rainforest monitoring system

Sundeep Sahay, Murodillo Latifov
The Data To Indicator (Mis)Match: Experiences From Trying To Strengthen This Link In The Health Information System In Tajikistan

Lizette Weilbach, Elaine Byrne
Aligning National Policy Imperatives With Internal Information Systems Innovations: A Case Study Of An Open Source Enterprise Content Management System In The South African Public Sector

Chris Westrup, Saheer Al Jaghoub
Expertise Determination And Selective Forgetting: Ict Initiatives And Policy In Developing Countries

Louisa Williamson and Jens Kaasbøll
Health information and managerial work: exploring the link

Kutoma J. Wakunuma-Zojer
Evaluating a Gender-Based Community ICT Project: Women’s Empowerment, Donors Role and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Sundeep Sahay, Johan Ivar Saebo, Selamawit Molla, Abyot Asalefew
Interplay of Institutional logics and Implications for Deinstitutionalization: Case Study of HMIS Implementation in Tajikistan

Practitioner Reports


Udo Richard Averweg
Exploring Some Theoretical Foundations Of Practitioner-Based Inquiry Research

Julian M. Bass
Empathetic Consultancy: A Reflective Approach To Ictd

René Herlitz
Qualification Of Lecturers For The Establishment Of Computer Science Faculties At Afghan Universities

Ahmed Imran, Shirley Gregor, Tim Turner
eGovernment Capacity Building through Knowledge Transfer and Best Practice Development in Bangladesh

Muhammadou M.O. Kah, Jainaba M.L. Kah
Building Software Development Capacity And Competence In Rural Nigeria: Pitfalls And Prospects

Marita Turpin, Jackie Phahlamohlaka, Mario Marais
The Multiple Perspectives Approach as a framework to analyse social systems in a developing country context

Work In Progress


Ime Asangansi, Jerome Shaguy
Complex Dynamics In The Socio-Technical Infrastructure: The Case Of The Nigerian Health Management Information System

Zufan Damtew, Jens Kaasbøll, Louisa Williamson
From information for decision making to information for keeping core knowledge updated – health managers who know their population

Eduardo Henrique Diniz, Martin Jayo, Tania Pereira Christopoulos and Cesar Akira Yokomizo
The Role of ICT in the Microfinance Model of Brazilian Banks and the Use of Banking Correspondents

Neki Frasheri
Trying To Develop Information Society In Albania – A Case Study

Nimmi Rangaswamy
ICT for Mesh-Economy: Case-Study of an Urban Slum

Ranjini CR, Sundeep Sahay
The Informational Challenge Is Achieving Maternal Mortality Goal Under Mdg 5: An Analysis From India

Sundeep Sahay, John Lewis
Challenges and approaches in moving from data to information to knowledge: Case study from the Gujarat state health system India

Yahya Hamad Sheikh
From Centralization To Coordination: In The Institutionalization Of The Integrated Health Information System In Zanzibar

Jakobus Smit, Anand Sheombar, Gilbert Silvius
Towards A Framework Of Cooperation Issues In Base Of The Pyramid Projects

Pavlo Tanasyuk, Chrisanthi Avgerou
Ict And Religious Tradition: The Case Of Mount Athos

Hossana Twinomurinzig, Jackie Phahlamohlaka, Elaine Byrne
Towards A Critical-Interpretive Analysis Framework For Ict4d In Government